Monona County

Sheriff's Office

Gun Permits

Weapon permits will be accepted at the door of the Sheriff's Office. Please have application, training documentation, picture ID and fees due readily available. The fee for a new concealed carry permit is $50 and the fee for a renewal is $25. The fee for a permit to acquire is $25. If you have any questions feel free to call the Sheriff's Office at 712-433-1414.


Permits to purchase a handgun are valid for five years and cost $25.00. Permits to carry are valid for five years and cost $50.00, renewal is $25.00. REMEMBER ! You must fill out a renewal form at least 30 days prior or up to 30 days after your expiration.

Renewal information:

  • New permits;
  •  1 - Copy of honorable discharge from military - DD214.
  • 2 - Certificate from an ILEA or NRA hand gun class.
  • 3 - Certificate from an online interactive class by NRA or ILEA instructor.
  • Permit to Carry Application
  • Permit to Purchase Application
  • Renewal;
  •  If you have had a permit to carry at any time since 2012 you are exempt from training as holding a permit is proof you have had training.
  • You must file for renewal 30 days before and up to 30 days after your expiration date on your current card or your application will be considered a new permit request.